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We have internet traffic for your website. Our well designed and promoted websites have easy to navigate, useful content that can bring you the targeted traffic that you are wanting.

There is a large variety of interest areas in our promotional websites, all designed with one thing in mind, bringing more viewers to your website.

We don't take traffic away from your website by asking for a link from your website to us, in fact you should be cautious about the links from your website. Links from your website can take away the valuable traffic your website already produces and you worked hard to get.

What we do is provide an effective, low-cost way to reach a whole new targeted audience that can come to your website. Now you can reach out to more potential customers! Visit our website at InternetMarketingServices.info


Vortex Design - High quality graphic design

Margaret Emerson has that rare blend of creative talent and business savvy that makes her a central and valuable piece to any creative project. She’s not afraid to make well-thought-out suggestions, and knows how to make recommendations based on her audience’s wants and needs.

Margaret Emerson does it right, on time, with the targeted message you are trying to convey. It is unusual to for a graphic design firm to have both the ability to provide attractive art work and have it deliver the message you wanted, but Margaret can take your basic ideas and turn them into the professional appearance that you are wanting.

In addition to her natural creativity and talent, she’s reliable, flexible, fast, and down-to-earth, yet sharply intuitive around gathering what we’d like to see in a design. Margaret is truly a joy to work with; no matter what the product or project. Visit her website at Vortex Design



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