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Laughlin has approximately 8,000 permanent residents in Southern Nevada at the geographic meeting point of San Bernardino County, California, Mohave County, Arizona, and Clark County, Nevada.
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It is a great vacation spot attracting over 5 million visitors annually to it's 9 major hotels and casinos, with over 10,000 rooms and top name entertainment. Being only 90 miles southeast of Las Vegas and just a few hours from Southern California and Phoenix it is easily reached by car, bus or plane.

Nestled in the picturesque Mojave Desert along the cool gently sloping banks of the Colorado River at 504 feet above sea level, it is set in a rugged mountain terrain.

It provides easy access to some of the nation’s most scenic areas and sites. The area is a playground for hikers, boaters, skiers, fisherman, campers, swimmers, golfers, and overall outdoor enthusiasts. There are also abundant golf courses, spas, and even a wedding chapel.

In the winter, temperatures in Laughlin range from about 30 degree F in the evening and may reach 60 during the day. In the fall, daytime temperatures range between 70-75 degrees. Of course, the summer in the desert is much hotter with the highest temperature recorded being 126 degrees F. Rainfall averages about 4 inches a year.

The Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport is located in Arizona just minutes away and it's 7,500-foot runway can accommodate Boeing 737s, DC-10s, MD-80s and private planes of all sizes.
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